Richmond Park

Cycling in the Park

Boy Cycling in Richmond Park

Richmond Park has a great variety of trails, pathways and roads that are all accessible for cyclists. The terrain is undulating and can provide challenging and interesting cycling.

The road circuit is enjoyed by many cyclists daily and is used extensively a training circuit for road cyclists. The roads have a speed limit of 20mph however.

Do Not Cycle on the Grass Speed Limit in the Park

Apart from the main roads there are a number of other pathways and trails that are more suited to trail bikes. There are designated routes and the Park's Regulations (see link) restrict bikes to these trails only – no "off-roading"! Many of these routes are shared pathways and therefore for safety reasons speeds are limited to 10mph to protect other users such as runners and walkers.

The above speed limits are enforced by the Park’s police – you have been warned!

Repairs, Shop and Refreshments

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Cyclists Enjoying Richmond Park

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