Richmond Park

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These Hire Terms & Conditions may be updated without notice. We suggest you check them from time to time to ensure you remain compliant with them.

Last updated on 1 June 2019.

Hire Terms & Conditions

We provide both full and summary Booking Terms & Conditions on this website. For the full Terms and Conditions please download the following PDF document.

Full Booking Terms & Conditions

Below is a summary of the key terms and conditions for persons hiring or using the Parkcycle facilities. (Please note the following is a summary and for the full legal terms please refer to the Full Booking Terms and Conditions which can be downloaded as a PDF). For the avoidance of doubt, should the summary terms and conditions below vary from the Full Booking Terms and Conditions, the terms and conditions outlined in the Full Booking Terms and Conditions shall apply and take precedence.

  1. General

    • By making a booking or using a hired bike customers are deemed to accept the terms and conditions of Parkcycle
    • Customers are responsible for their own personal property and the property of those persons under their care or supervision whilst visiting Parkcycle
    • Parkcycle is the trading name of the cycle concession which is operated under license from the Royal Parks by Parkcycle Limited of 35-37 Lowlands Road, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Middlesex, HA1 3AW
    • The hirer is responsible for informing all the persons included in the booking as to the Terms and Conditions of hire and all the relevant regulations of the park. All Customers are required to comply the policies set out for cycling in the Royal Parks. Please refer to:-
      Cycling in the Royal Parks and General Park Regulations

    Parkcycle may:

    • Reserve the right to refuse bike hire or remove any person from the premises should the terms and conditions be breached
    • Change operational hours without notice (although we will endeavour to re-book, re-schedule or refund and persons that have made an advance booking)
    • Reserve the right to change low mid a peak day designation; discount rates; prices; opening times and conditions of hire at any time
  2. General Hire Terms

    • Hired bikes may only be ridden within the confines of the Richmond Park (the "Park") and must only use the designated shared cycle paths and roads as set out by the Royal Parks Richmond Park. Off road cycling or cycling on the grassland is strictly prohibited in the Park
    • Customers may only cycle within the designated speed limits in the Park which is 10mph for all cycle paths and 20mph on the main roads
    • The following restrictions apply for the hire of bikes:-

      Bicycle Restrictions
      Bike Age Restriction Weight Restriction Height Restriction Further Guidance
      20" Child Bike 7 – 9 years Less than 150cm Supervised + Helmet
      24" Child Bike 9-12 years Less than 150cm Supervised + Helmet
      Single Trailer Min 1 years old 25kg Max load Secured
      Double Trailer Min 1 years old 45kg Max load Secured
      Baby Seat Min 1 years old 15kg Max load Secured + Helmet
      Tag Along 5- 8 years old 30kg Max load Helmet
      Road Bikes 18 years or over Road Use only
      Tandem Adult 18 years or over
      Tandem Adult/Child 18 years or over Child 9 -13 years only
      Electric Bike 18 years or over 2 Hour Max Hire
      ElliptiGo 18 years or over Instruct on 1st use

    • Children should be supervised at all times
    • Customers shall not ride in a manner that endangers themselves, any other users of the Park or any animals in the Park
    • No dogs may be led, carried or tied when using the hire bikes
    • No bikes will be hired to any Customers that may be judged by Parkcycle to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  3. Conditions of Hire – Bike Hire Booking

    • Hirers must be over 18 years of age and agree to supply their name, valid address, contact telephone number and a suitable ID or a £100 safe return deposit for the security of hired bikes.
    • The customer is responsible for the re-claim of their ID at the end of the bike hire; Parkcycle is not responsible for any ID or property left by the customer after the hire period.
    • Customers may be liable for damaged bikes or equipment and Parkcycle reserve the right to deduct cost of damage from the security deposit (if applicable).
    • Payments should be made with a valid credit or debit card by the Hirer.
    • All bikes hired under the Booking are hired by the hour in multiples of 60 minutes.
    • Hirers are required sign the hire form, ticket or pad in confirmation that that they have understood and accept the Terms and Conditions and that they have been offered a suitable helmet in good condition for the purposes of personal safety and that the accept their responsibility to inspect all bikes or equipment are in safe working order.
    • Hire time commences upon the issue of the ticket for hire and Hirers and Customers are then allowed a 10 minute Test Ride Period during which they may trial their bikes and equipment and return them if they are dissatisfied with any aspect of the bikes or equipment in which case the hire period would be extended pro-rata.
    • Hirers returning outside the initial 10 minute test ride period may be subject to charge should the original hire period be exceeded due to such a delay (at the sole discretion of Parkcycle).
    • All bikes hired under the Booking must be returned by the Booking Return Time.
    • Any bikes that are returned beyond this time may be charged for. The amount of the excess payment required for late return will be calculated by multiples of a quarter of an hour using the rate charged for the first hour of hire under the Booking.
    • No credits or refunds will be given for any bikes hired under the Booking that are returned in advance of the agreed return time.
    • If for any reason any of the bikes breaks down; has a puncture or becomes otherwise un-rideable for a portion of the hire period then a credit or refund shall be given for that bike only on a pro-rata basis; such a credit or a refund will be at the discretion of Parkcycle.
    • If the Hirer or Customer returns a bike that has broken down and Parkcycle can replace or repair the bike in a reasonable time then Parkcyle will not offer a credit or a refund provided that that the hire period is extended to recompense the Customer for lost hire time. The extension period in this circumstance shall be applied for all bikes under the Booking.
    • If any Customers under the Booking are unable to continue with their bike hire as a result of an accident, ill health or for any other reason there will be no entitlement to any refund or credit for any hire time that is unused.
    • No customer credits may be carried over to the next calendar year.
  4. Conditions of Hire - Advanced Bookings

    • Shall be fully paid for at least 24 hours in advance of the hire time and by 5pm at the latest on the calendar day preceding the day of hire.
    • Advanced Booking discounts is only available subject to the payment being made in full and being settled at least 24 hours in advance of the hire time and by 5pm on the calendar day preceding the day of hire; Any discount will apply to the gross booking hire amount.
    • Advanced Bookings are non-refundable but can be amended up to 24 hours in advance of the hire time.
    • The Hirer and Customers included in the Advanced Booking should arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the requested hire time. No refund or credits shall be given on the Booking if the Hirer fails to arrive at the time expected.
    • If Payment has been taken over the phone with a bank or credit card the Hirer should ensure that they have the card in their possession when arriving to collect the bikes for hire.
    • Bikes requested cannot be guaranteed to be available at the precise booked time; however Parkcycle shall make reasonable endeavours to make sure Customers are able to start their hire period within a reasonable time thereafter.
    • If for any reason any of the bikes booked are not available then Parkcycle will either refund the hire amount for those bikes that cannot be provided or offer the Hirer the opportunity to re-book for an alternative time or to offer the Hirer a credit against a future booking.
    • Customers qualify for a group discount for Bookings that contain multiple bikes as set out in the Parkcycle Current Offers. The group discount shall be applied to the gross amount of the Booking.
    • Any Advanced Booking Customer(s) that arrives at Parkcycle for bike hire and is judged by Parkcycle to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs shall be refused hire; and in such a circumstance the Parkcycle shall be under no obligation to offer a credit, refund or re-book option for the bike(s).
  5. Code of Behaviour

    All customers must:

    • Comply with all rules, directions and safety requirements which apply to bike hire, visiting the park.
    • Follow all reasonable written and verbal instructions and warnings given by the Parkcycle for their comfort and safety without objection.
    • Not behave in a way which disrupts the safety or enjoyment of other persons in the Park or the safety and well-being of animals.
    • Not be offensive, irresponsible or behave in an unsafe manner. Theft or vandalism will not be tolerated. Contravention may render customers liable and may forfeit any payments already made to Parkcycle including the safe return deposit (if applicable).
  6. Conditions of Hire - Safety

    • Customers should adhere to the Highway Code and the Royal Parks rules and guidelines for cycling in the park. In particular adherence to the speed limits on cycle paths and roads and to be courteous to other users of shared cycling routes.
    • It is highly recommended that all Customers use the helmets provided.
    • The use of helmets for babies and children is compulsory (except in trailers) and the responsible adult should ensure children’s’ helmets are fastened and worn at all times.
    • Customers that may be old, unfit, pregnant or have any medical condition should consult a medical practitioner before using a hired bike.
    • Hirers are primarily responsible for the safety and security of any children in their party.
    • The Hirer is responsible for ensuring that is baby seats are used they are used correctly and that any babies in the seats are properly strapped in and are wearing a helmet.
    • All Customers using bikes should keep to the speed limits that are in force and set out by the Royal Parks. Any offence that may be notified to Parkcycle may mean that Parkcycle may choose to refuse any further bookings from the Hirer. For child trailers, the Hirer is responsible for ensuring children are secured with seat straps.
  7. Privacy & Marketing

    Pakcycle undertake that:-

    • Any emails or mobile telephone numbers that are given to us in order to complete the booking or to notify you of your advanced booking confirmation will not be used for promotional marketing purposes unless you have specifically given Parkcycle permission to do so in order to be kept updated of offers, promotions and events by Parkcycle.
    • No personal data or contact details will be passed to any third party for the purposes of marketing or for any other use.
    • We comply with the UK Data Protection Act and as such are obliged to protect any data given to us.
    • We will not hold any credit or bank card details other than for the duration of hire when the safe return hire deposit hire authorisation is active.
  8. Liability and Disclaimer

    There are inherent risks in the hiring and use of bikes. The Hirer as the person making the Booking and all Customers included in the Booking are accepting of those risks of which a prudent person is or should be aware and thus are required to exercise good judgement and act in a responsible manner whilst using the Park and the cycles or equipment supplied by Parkcycle.

    Except as otherwise prohibited by law Parkcycle is not liable to the Hirer or other Customers included in the Booking or any third party, for any loss, damage or injury or any incidental, indirect, special, consequential or economic loss or damage (including loss of opportunities, exemplary or punitive damages) whether to person or to property arising out of the bike hire, use of the Park or in attendance at the Parkcycle centre, whether arising from default, negligence, misconduct or otherwise by the Parkcycle and that the Hirer indemnify Parkcycle against all claims and liability.

  9. Governing Law

    These Terms and Conditions are governed by and shall be construed in accordance with the laws of England. Hires and Customers irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England.

    Parkcycle reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time without notice.